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About Us

Our organization was started in 1996 when a local attorney, Anthony Serra, was appointed by the court to represent Doris in a guardianship action filed by a local hospital. A guardianship was necessary because although she was ready to leave the hospital, Doris was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and lacked the mental capacity to consent to a discharge plan. Unfortunately Doris had no family members or friends to serve as her guardian and so the hospital felt it had no choice but to withdraw its application. Fortunately, Doris’s attorney was not satisfied with that result since it left Doris without an advocate and without a means for being discharged from the hospital. In other words, without a guardian to assist and advocate for her, Doris was destined to remain hospitalized indefinitely. As a solution, Anthony turned to his bookkeeper at the time, Dawn, and asked if she would be willing to do a good deed and volunteer her time to serve as Doris’s guardian. After giving it some thought, Dawn agreed on the condition that Anthony help her in her role as guardian. Of course, Anthony agreed to assist Dawn in any way he could. Dawn’s name was submitted to the court as the proposed guardian and the judge agreed with the arrangement and appointed Dawn as Doris’s volunteer guardian. And so this was the beginning of Volunteer Guardianship One on One, Inc.

“Since 1996 Volunteer Guardianship One on One has helped individuals and families cope with the financial and logistical needs not only in our local community but across the state of New Jersey.”